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Impact A to Z, Inc.

An Arizona Benefit Corporation

The management team of Impact A to Z, Inc. elected to organize the company as an Arizona Benefit Corporation. This is a new class of business entity that, in addition to earning a profit, pledges to provide either a social or environmental benefit to society. In our case, Impact A to Z has pledged to do both.

Becoming a Benefit Corporation adds a level of transparency to the activities of a business enterprise. The company must provide an annual benefit report on the impact and results it achieves in meeting its stated public benefit. The results are compared to a third-party standard to grade the quality of the company’s efforts. Before May 1st of each year the company must publish a benefit report showing the previous year’s results on the company’s website.

At Impact A to Z we are excited to offer the finest products and services available. Additionally, we are excited about serving society and improving our environment. We pledge that we will do everything possible to earn your business as well as your trust.

Impact A to Z, Inc. – Public Benefit Statement


To promote a better society, Impact A to Z, Inc. has elected to incorporate as a Benefit Corporation to provide both environmental and societal public benefits.  Environmentally, the company will pursue as its primary business the design, development, financing, construction, sales, and management of renewable energy projects.  The societal benefit will be realized as the company will donate at least 1% of its net revenue to non-profit organizations that positively advance society.  The Board of Directors shall have full discretion in selecting the organizations to support and in choosing the support level that will be provided to each organization.  For the purpose of this benefit, “net revenue” is defined as the total sales of goods and services by the company less returns, discounts, and allowances.